Women on Diet

Women on Diet

There are so many reasons to be on a diet. People often go on diets because of health problems: high blood pressure, high triglycerides, heart desease risks, diabetes risks, among others; they are not in agreement with their weight, the trend of having a well built body and an insurmountable amount of reasons why they should summit themselves to a strict food plan in order to achieve a determined goal regarding the aspects just mentioned. No the issue is, what means for a woman to go on a diet?


While men rather call it “get in shape” and stay anonymous while going on a diet, women prefer to express it and go about it in groups. Even though this is just a shallow difference, it may have influence in the way, plans and effects on the diet they eant to go on. Staying in a so called “support group” women can feel no only more comfortable, but also motivated to stay in a food plan than just doing it by themselves.


Alledgedly, aging and dieting are terms that for women go hand in hand. For adults and middle aged women it is of great importance to follow a diet that besides of their appearance and the loss of weight, it can also help them with the risk of bone diseases, reportedly the desease which women fear the most.  According to Sharon Palmer, RD in Today´s dietician bone desease “can have a devastating impact on individuals, causing pain, deformity, and a downward spiral into physical and mental health problems, such as the inability to dress oneself or walk; poor self-esteem, body image, and mood; and a feeling of isolation and helplessness.

There’s also a higher risk of pressure ulcers, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and early death”. To avoid such deseases and risks it is important to keep in mind that a balanced and healthy diet must partly consist of calcium, vitamin D, C and K, and Magnesium. Thus it is important for women to go on diets that focus on individual nutrients.


For women it is not only the fact that going on a diet will surely make them look better, but it also will improve their mood; according to a study carried out at the National Weight Control Registry (USA). Of course, only a diet will no suffice for all the purposes that women may have. It is also important to take into account other aspects as excercising. Keeping an active body helps people, especially women, with their mood.

It does not matter what the purpose of going on a diet is, the fact is that making the decision of changing your food habits will always bring benefits to your body and your psyche (self esteem, among other aspects). On the other hand, to choose a food program has to be done very carefully and with the help of a nutritionist due to the fact that we all have different metabolisms and the wrong diet may bring wrong results.

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