The Salad Diet

The Salad Diet

Salad diet is a “light” diet that will help you to lose weight consistently over time without forcing you to starve. It is based on the simple nutrition fact that salads (especially vegetarian) contain less calories than regular meal.

Salad diet is not intended to be used as fast fat burner and will not provide such results. It’s main goal is to help people lose weight in a healthy manner while keeping most of the normal eating habits that you are used to.

Expected results vary between 2 pounds (~1 kg) and 5 pounds (~2,3 kg) weight loss per month. Calorie burn rate depends not only on any given diet but also on the height, weight and age. We will discuss this a little bit later.

Most of the diets depend on severe limitation on quantity of the food that you have to eat each day. As a result you are constantly feeling hungry and that creates a lot of discomfort. It requires really strong will to keep following such diets and let’s faced it – not everyone has it. In contrast salad diet is emphasizing not on limitation of the food but on replacing part of your regular menu with salads.

Other diets are so complex that it is almost impossible to follow them. For example there are many so called “schedule” diets that force you to eat specific meals per each day of the week (or even of the month!). In our modern times is almost impossible to comply with such diets because it will require almost all of your attention and concentration and time just to provide required products and to waste many hours cooking some strange meals that are not even tasty.

Salad diet is based on two simple recommendations:
(1) Replace part of high calorie meals with lower calorie meals;
(2) Include more salads in your menu in order to lower your daily calorie intake.

If you want to give a try to this diet please read the full description of the salad diet.