What my clients are saying

Hi Karen, just wanted to let you know that I am doing ok.  At first when I started spacing our sessions to every two weeks, I thought I would be in big trouble and flounder alone in the world of IE (intuitive eating) especially this week when I had to cancel, but I have to tell you it has actually been very healthy for me.  I have been working very hard on my issues, using Geneen Roth’s “why weight” workbook combined with your VERY practical and personal tips for IE.  While I cannot say I have been near perfect, I really feel like I know what to do at any given time.  Specifically:  I do not eat while feeding the kids, I really make sure its what I want PLUS I am hungry, I delay when stressed, I meal plan and do not wait until I am starving, instead of waiting to think about what I really want I just go for the healthy option, I snack everyday at 4 ish – my starving time and make a plate to sit down with, I try to include fruit, protein, and carbohydrate like graham crackers with snack, etc etc.  So just to let you know, I did not want you to be concerned that all your teachings were going out the window. No, it is the opposite.  I am really reaching inwards and forcing myself to LEARN how to change my habits.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you have done for me while I was in treatment.  I could not have done this without your pushing me to question things and challenge me.  You are wonderful at your job…..the only nutritionist I have had that I liked meeting with! Thanks again!


Dear Karen,  I think of you often and am forever grateful for all the help you gave me and the tools that I continue to use during hard times.  You are amazing at what you do!


I hit a very low point in my struggle with disordered eating. I was searching around on the internet one day and typed in “nutritionists for disordered eating” and just like that Karen’s website popped up. I looked through the website with excitement and sent an email to set up my meeting with Karen. She recommended I read the book “Intuitive Eating” before our first meeting. I ordered it from Amazon and read it. It was enlightening and by reading  it I knew that working with Karen on the principles from the book was just what I needed. From the very first Skype session with Karen she was always so supportive and encouraging. Never once did she criticize my eating habits as other nutritionist’s had. Her attitude was a breath of fresh air and exactly what I needed. I have worked with her now for about four months and through Skype sessions and email support I am on the road to recovery and feeling confident that this time I will succeed in recovery. I am no longer scared of food, I no longer believe a diet is my answer. I have learned and am still learning to respect my body, treat it right, and feed it what it craves and what it needs. I cannot express how much working with Karen has changed my perspective not only on my food issues but on everyday issues in life as well. I will forever be grateful for her and her work.

Jen D

I have been getting help from Karen for a little over a month now and I can tell you I have already seen a huge difference in my eating habits. Before I decided to seek help for my eating problems, I thought there was no way that I was ever going to be cured of them but here I am only a month later and I can tell with just a little more time, I will be back on the road to a normal eating life. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding which are three very important elements to a dietician, or any professional for that matter. I would recommend her to anyone who asks and I will continue to get help from her in the future.


Karen has been such an amazing part of my eating disorder recovery. After trying to work with other dieticians, I had finally found one who was both committed to my recovery and excited for the journey it entailed. Karen was able to provide continual support, understanding exactly where I was on my road to recovery but there to challenge me one step further. She truly considered more than just the food, looking to understand why my relationship with food was the way it was. Of course, when it came time to discuss food and nutrition, she had such great insight and was extremely knowledgeable. I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Karen and I hope many others can get to know what a phenomenally kindhearted person she is.


Karen has helped me tremendously. Although I am still in the beginning recovery stage of my eating disorder, Karen has taught me so much! Her recipe are delicious and her plans are just so realistic, simple, and healthy. I feel like I am eating better than I ever have. Being a teenager, I wasn’t sure if Karen would be able to help or understand me, but she can, and she did! I definitely will use her advice and help when I go to college next year. Thanks Karen for teaching me to eat healthier and for helping me feel better!


I am having a hard time writing this because words don’t express what Karen did for me. Karen saved my life, or I should say Karen taught me how to save my life. I started sessions with Karen when my eating disorder was full blown, and I was very ill. My eating disorder took over my life. Karen stood by my side and guided me through all the baby steps of my nutrition along with tips of wisdom that opened the door to my recovery. Karen has been a consistent tool in my recovery. I have never encountered a nutritionist with so much knowledge and in-depth guidance. Karen’s professionalism and education are outstanding, but her ability to convey her messages made all the difference to me, and I am truly grateful.


About four weeks ago I contacted Karen to help me lose weight and eat balanced meals. I don’t have an “eating disorder” but I was eating in a “disorder way.” Unlike most diets that make you eat certain foods, I wanted to keep eating the foods I like rather than going on someone else’s prescribed food regime. Karen was fantastic! I sent her a list of the foods I enjoy and she took that list and shaped it into a great eating plan for me. She worked right with me every step of the way and never pressed me to eat foods I hate. I only eat the foods I enjoy but now in a more balanced way. Then she taught me how to make food substitutions, how to make choices in restaurants, and how to make choices at dinner parties. I’m losing weight and feeling better. With her help I know that I’m eating well balanced meals. “Thanks for your great guidance.” I look forward to continuing to work with her. She’ very pleasant to talk to and has a great sense of humor. I can recommend her without reservation.


Everyday I am feeling better and better. I’ve been following Karen’s advice on healthy eating (healthy living) and it has made a tremendous difference in my life. I’ve lost weight, been exercising, and found a better way to eat and think about food. I’ve enjoyed many nutritious and delicious meals along the way. I look forward to reading her motivating blogs and will continue to follow her nutritional advice. Just wanted to say “Thank you, Karen” for helping me find a better, healthier life style.