Am I right for this program?

You are if you answer yes to the following questions:

  • I need help with meal planning and eating patterns.
  • I access my email daily and will commit to phone or Skype video sessions.
  • I have lost weight with diets but lose focus and cannot keep the weight off.
  • I often feel overwhelmed and need help managing my time around meals and exercise.
  • I find myself grazing or feeling out of control around food at times.

Is this program enough support?

If you commit to a package and follow through with the program, you will get plenty of support.  I will be with you everyday if you need me.  Clients that self motivate easily have done well with signing up for the initial and follow-up appointments individually.

Do you take insurance for the nutritional counseling?

I do not take insurance.  If you are looking to pay less, contact your insurance company for a list of dietitians on your plan.  If you want someone who is going to work for you and not just give you a list of foods to eat and avoid, I am your girl.

Will I lose weight?

I do not promise a specific weight loss per week, but I understand seeing changes helps keep you motivated and moving forward.  Weight loss may not be the goal if you have previously struggled with an eating disorder and need to work on healing your relationship with food first.

How does skype work?

Once you sign up, tell me your user ID.  We can chat for free or use the video call to meet face to face.  It is just like an office visit without the traveling.

What is involved with the nutrition assessment?

Once you sign up, I will email you forms to collect a detailed eating and weight history.  Then we will set up an appointment to discuss your responses and develop your personalized plan.  I will email you the plan discussed within 24 hours after our first meeting.  You will leave our first meeting with goals to immediately implement and I will lay out what to expect.

What is your philosophy?

Weight loss is more than knowing what to eat.  Time management, meal planning, separating emotion from meals, and learning why you keep returning to the same patterns will provide success.  My goal is long term success, not providing quick weight loss leaving you feeling a failure when weight creeps back on.