Online Dietitian


Online Dietitian, Karen Diaz, is bringing nutrition counseling to your home. This servise is not abour the latest fad diet or preaching about increasing fruits and vegetables. The time has come to address the whole picture: how you eat, why you eat, and how food makes you fell. Online Dietitian will provide the structure and guidance while learning tools to maintain the helthy lifestyle needed to lose weight and get healthy. What is your health goal?

1. “I want to lose weight.”  Diets are a dime a dozen.  They give you immediate satisfaction, but don’t have to be healthy to work.  Online dietitian strives to give you the satisfaction you want while improving health and addressing behaviors which lead to rebound weight gain. Sign up for an initial assessment.

2. I want to get healthy.”  Focus on self care, self respect, and self love.  Eat foods you love which make you feel great.  Weight loss will come when you care about your body.  No one ever said, “I am so fat” and then grilled themselves some fish.  Mindset matters.   SIgn up for an initial assessment.

3. “I want more energy, I feel sluggish.” Sometimes jumpstarting your road to health starts with a purification program.  Eat fresh, whole foods and eliminate chemicals, caffeine, alcohol, and preservatives.  After three weeks, online dietitian will plan your transition back to a balanced way of living.  Sign up for Purification Program.

The interactive online program Healthy Living for Life, is being launched August 2012.  If you are interested, send me your information under ASK.